Monthly Mood: September

Oh, September, here we are again. In my mind this month, despite being in the latter half of the year, marks a series of beginnings, or at the very least a sense of potential waiting to be grasped. The leaves start to turn over, everyone rematerializes from their latest summer getaway … the flurry of activity as people get back to the books, back to work, back and better, is invigorating. The air seems to be filled with a contagious sense of purpose and go-forth energy as we awaken from a sleepy August.

My Monthly Mantras

Step into the unknown. Life will surprise and reward you
Do more, create more, believe more
Talk to a stranger every day
… and also reach out to old friends
Remember to slow down sometimes. It’s okay to take care of yourself

Our September Aura (photos via Instagram):

And the poem “The Eighth of September” by one of my favourites, Pablo Neruda:

Today, this day was a brimming cup,
today, this day was the immense wave,
today, it was all the earth.
Today the stormy sea
lifted us in a kiss
so high that we trembled
in a lightningflash
and, tied, we went down
to sink without untwining.
Today our bodies became vast,
they grew to the edge of the world
and rolled melting
into a single drop
of wax or meteor.
Between you and me a new door opened
and someone, still faceless,
was waiting for us there.


Neruda was a master of love poems, and although this piece is clearly a testament to that, I see it as a poem about possibility, too. This day being described as a brimming cup, as an immense wave – these words speak of fullness and rising, of opportunity and new horizons. Our bodies become vast, as Neruda writes, and yet we can simultaneously be encompassed in a single drop. Just as easily composed “of wax or meteor,” we seem to embrace the infinite in this poem. And then, the final stanza delivers us a new portal, an unknown figure … with someone, anyone, anything, everything, “waiting for us there.” So this month, take the freshly opened door and find out what awaits you.


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