What started as a curated online boutique in February of 2017, exclusively featuring sustainable designers, has evolved into our own eponymous label: Les Femmes. After representing so many inspiring brands and beautiful pieces, we realized what perhaps had been subtlety lingering in the background since the beginning: the desire to create a brand of our own, to do things our way, with a real influence. To have a more direct hand in adding value to our community, to continue to pave the way for a new standard of fashion that our predecessors put in motion.

There are millions of excess fabric rolls discarded by fashion houses each season. Instead of creating more, we handpick our favorites and use their scraps to bring our ideas and designs into fruition. This way nothing goes to waste, and fabric that could otherwise end up in a landfill is being reborn into our timeless, vintage-inspired pieces. Due to the nature of deadstock fabric and to avoid excess, we create limited quantities in all styles, making each and every piece that much more unique.

Instead of launching collections seasonally, we release new styles each month. We’re designing what we want to wear, now. Every Les Femmes piece is cut and sewn by local artisans in Downtown Los Angeles. This has been of the utmost importance to us from the beginning, as it ensures that the workers involved are paid fair wages while in a safe and responsible work environment. It also helps to give back to our local economy and comes with a lower carbon footprint due to significantly decreased transportation needs.

Our styles are feminine, romantic, and timeless, inspired by vintage icons of the 60s and 70s such as Jane Birkin, Bardot, and many more. Our pieces are always designed with quality and longevity in mind, meant to be worn and loved for many seasons to come. Les Femmes: made with love, by us, for you. We want to hear your thoughts, your feedback. Our environment and community are an integral part of the way we do things, and vice versa.

With love,